Games mechanics

Some of the game mechanics that TriviaCaster supports are:

  • During the different phases of the program, up to eight contestants play increasing or decreasing their scores depending on the bets they place.
  • Play to discover the photograph of a character that hides behind the squares of a game panel. The photo may appear cluttered or cluttered. Each box can contain the value or symbol of the prize.
  • Play the classic memory retention game by matching the images found in the boxes on the game panel.
  • Selection by means of the game panel of the type of questions or tests that the contestant must take.
  • Selection by question module of lists of objects or words within the specified time.
  • A question with its statement and several possible answers is superimposed on the screen. The contestant chooses the answer they think is correct and is compared with the true answer.
  • The initials of several words appear on the screen that the contestant will have to guess. As you get them right, the rest of the word appears.
  • A sentence is formed letter by letter. The first contestant who thinks he guesses it and presses the button, for the formation of the phrase. If it is correct, the sentence is solved. If it fails, another contestant is given the option to respond. Without any of the contestants right, the phrase continues to form.
  • Batteries of questions that the contestant must answer within a specified time.
  • Several contestants are waiting to answer a question. The first to press the button has the option of answering. If it fails, its push button is disabled and the other contestants have the option to reply again.
  • The point marker increases or decreases in amount each specified time interval, depending on the stopwatch.
  • Etc.